Gabriele Musebrink | Artist | Essen 12.4.2021

Gorica Jeremic’s paintings are based on inner strength that is reflected in the centered and focused processing of the image.
Her stories are told without useless add-ons.
It is the reduction to a statement that is convincing without even one of the small elements not being taken into account.
She considers everything carefully.
This ability to boldly and heavily create structures from the wide inner space grows into a relaxed gesture.
Nothing has to be held and yet it is ‘held’ in the next step by clearly setting, discarding, and again setting colors – until it feels right.
Turquoise, in the manner of tarnished copper, plays a role again and again as a sign that the new has already happened and is showing itself to the outside in this way: freshness and light permeate the pictorial space.
Gold and shine always play a role in her paintings. They form a light contrast to the dark.
Power and majesty dominate her imagery, set on a cracked and damaged surface. In this way, a fragile interior and ‘a settled exterior’ combine to form a whole.
Gorica Jeremic paints how she feels, how she is, what she is going through.
When doing that something takes place what the philosopher Sloterdijk describes so wonderfully: something is lived through inwardly, led to an essence, experiences universal validity and finds its visibility in artistic expression.
The enigmatic, mystical, and difficult to grasp invites the viewer to open up his own sensitive space and to enter into communication

In Belgrade, October 2020 Maja Zivanovic, journalist and art critic
Gorica Jeremić – “Nature as an integral part of itself”
Harmonious colours and spontaneous expression of emotions (both conscious and unconscious) in formless (non-object) shapes are the leitmotifs of a series of paintings painted by Gorica Jeremić, an artist who lives and creates in Vienna.She transfers the inspiration, which she finds in nature and feels it as a basic part of her being, to layered, compositionally harmonious and richly picturesque canvases. This associative and gestural abstraction has an unusual synthesis of unpainterly approaches to work, i.e. atypical materials and pigments… so it can be perceived as art informel.Brightness, curiosity, the power of brushstrokes and movements (which are not random), as well as the power of light and of the moment are also some of the characteristics of Gorica’s painting style. In her work, there are almost no colouristic extremes. In most cases, there are soothing umbras, golden and blue variations of colour skilfully blended with the nobility of the painted matter. They remind us of the elusive vastness of the sky and sea, of the unexplored Earth, of the warm rays of the sun. Essentially, it is the painter’s sense of freedom and unrestrainedness as well as a specific aesthetic response to stereotypes.In this way we follow the traces of time in her refined compositions, extraordinary and interesting artistic solutions. In them, pure emotion gains its form while the natural and the manifest, in fragments, grow into – the abstract… And the other way round. According to the titles of the works, we can sense which landscapes prompted the artist to- emphasizing the primary effect of the colour, which is the feeling that each colour generates – look at the changeability of nature. This flow of energy, the “sound” of colours and shapes, is tangible and vibrant due to the matter through which it was created, but also due to the painter’s personal perception.The abstraction enables a variety of elements of expression and a step forward into new materials. The access to Gorica Jeremić’s art of painting, due to its subtlety, is extremely simple for the viewer. Although it is an intimate and exploratory world of the artist, some of her stolen moments… she selflessly shares them with the audience. In the large-format paintings, her art of colour suggestion and structure comes to fore. These unexpectedly visualized forms provoke a strong, universal feeling in each of us – the feeling of life and of the world.